Body Rituals

Our Certified Massage Therapists are multi-disciplined and can provide most practiced techniques (ex. Shiatsu, Neuro-muscular, Deep Tissue, Swedish). After a consultation, your Therapist will recommend a type of massage based on your needs and expectations.

Therapeutic Body Massage

Our Mini-massage concentrates on your upper back (30 minutes) while the Full-Body Massage (60 minutes) includes the entire body. A 90 minute massage will allow us to concentrate on specific areas. We also offer Pregnancy massage for the Mom-to-be. (Pregnancy Massage is not recommended for the first trimester).

30-Minutes (regular and pregnancy) - $38

60-Minutes (regular and pregnancy) - $73

90-Minutes (regular) - $98

15-minute (chair massage) - $15

Couples Massage

Spend a luxurious hour with a friend or loved one. Couples recieve a full body massage in the same room at the same time. Great for special occasions or just those days when escaping with a friend is just right.

60-Minutes - $135

Hot Lava Stone Massage

We use the heat of smooth lava stone to create a deeply relaxing massage. Using heated stone we can penetrate deep into the muscles allowing the heat to increase circulation and promote a blissful state of relaxation.

60-Minutes - $85


An ancient technique of treating the whole body by using pressure on the reflex points of the feet or hands. This is especially good for first-time spa goers who may be apprehensive about massage therapy.

30-Minutes - $38

60-Minutes - $73

Aunt Pitty Pat's Exfoliation and Bath Ritual

Experience a gentle exfoliation of the full body, followed by one of our tub rituals and hydration application. Discover what Aunt Pitty Pat knew - dry, parched skin needs a good scrubbing, a soak in our Victorian tub and a light massage to create smooth as silk southern skin.

90-Minutes - $94

Summer Breeze

Get a healthy, bronze, and even tan without the ill effects of the sun. A full body exfoliation smoothes and prepares the skin before the application of the tanning cream.

60-Minutes - $73

Miss Melanie's Rose Garden Body Wrap

Delicate and guaranteed to create skin as beautiful as a Georgia sunset. We start with a light scrub and then use our Rose Mud mixed with a secret blend of essential oils to assist the body in detoxification and relaxation. Great for sensitive or overly dry skin.

75-Minutes - $85

Red Georgia Clay Body Wrap

Miss Scarlett understood the precious qualities of her Red Georgia Clay. It stole her heart away and now we know it will steal yours too. We use Red Clay to purify and detoxify the body. If you need to rid yourself of some downright hateful "yankee" attitude, this is just the service for you. We begin your journey with a light exfoliation, apply your red clay, wrap you into a warm cocoon and send you off into a blissful state. To finish, there is a quick shower and a light application of our hydrating lotion.

75-Minutes - $85

Body Ritual Enhancements

For that extra special gift to yourself. Add to any of the Body Rituals any of the following.

Sweet Treat

Add a light exfoliation to any of our body treatments. This is exquisite for dry, dehydrated skin. Follow with a moisturizing souffle.

Half Body Exfoliation - 15 Minutes - $15

Full Body Exfoliation- 30 Minutes - $30

Blueberry souffle application - $15

Georgia Sweet Tea Tub Ritual

Bath rituals were originally created as a way to express wealth and position. Rituals promote relaxation by creating "private moments" to shift focus from your daily tasks to an inner sanctuary of peace. We use sweet brown sugar and tea to create your ritual.

30-minutes - $30

Paraffin Hand and Foot Treatment

Warm paraffin helps penetrate achy muscles and joints and softens skin. This is an excellent treatment for those with arthritis.

Just Hands - $15

Just Feet - $15

Both Hands and Feet - $25

Anti-Oxidant Green Tea Eye Treatment*

The skin is your largest organ and must be given plenty of vitamins to look its best. Relax and enjoy our green tea infusion for those delicate areas around your eyes. The treatment helps reduce puffiness and dark circles - $10.

Can also be added to any of our Skin Care Rituals

Enzyme Relief Balm Foot Treatment

Treat your feet to an exquisite experience which includes massage. This balm is designed to penetrate the skin and muscle structure at its core level and to provide relief of overworked, achy muscles. Long term use makes for very happy feet - $15